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Ode to the Pit Stop

Not 60 seconds after picking me up in front of a tire store in the far reaches of Belgrano, the cabbie with the aquamarine eyes knows exactly where we’re headed for something good to eat. “They’ve got everything at this place,” he says, “Really good pastas, steaks, even pizza. But ...

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A Compromise at El Imperio

“It’s all taxistas and all they serve is fast food,” Guillermo, the thirty-something cabbie, shakes his gelled head, “It’s not a place for you. There’s no way I’m taking you there. ” “There” is Guillermo’s usual lunch spot: the gas station on the corner of Thames and Charcas in the ...

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Metropolis in the Tangopolis

My homecoming taxi adventure was starting out with a bang. “I have colon problems,” the taxista said when I threw out my would-you-please-take-me-someplace-good-to-eat request, “So I haven’t eaten out in months.” “Besides,” he added, patting his slim belly, “You don’t eat what we eat.” “Excuse me?” I said. Who was ...

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