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Passion and Pizza: The Journey to San Antonio

The following entry is rated R, as it contains adult material. “Aren’t you going to invite me to eat with you?” “Only if it’s lunch and nothing more,” I said. “No kisses?” “No kisses.” “Not even a kiss on the cheek?” “This is how it’s going to be,” I said, ...

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The Adventure Goes Tango

In the tango world, you only step off the dance floor in the middle of a song set under the gravest of circumstances. Unless you’ve twisted your ankle, you’ve suddenly fallen ill, or the place is on fire, the so-called practice of “interrupting the tanda [song set]” is generally frowned ...

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Let them eat steak!

Sunday lunch in Buenos Aires, as in the rest of the Latin world, is a dearly beloved, family-centered, excess-friendly ritual. But on this particular Sunday, locals dove into the rite with even more passion than usual. After three weeks of food shortages sparked by a nationwide farmers’ protest against government-sponsored ...

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Who needs beef when you’ve got blood sausage?

Translation: Due to recent events that the public is aware of, generated by the depletion of the meat (i.e. beef) sector, we are letting you know that the products we’re serving today from the grill are the following: Chorizo (sausage) and blood sausage Kidneys and sweet breads Pork flank steak ...

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