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Taxi Adventures to be Continued…

Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m currently traveling in suburban southern California and will restart the Buenos Aires taxi adventures in July. I hope you have some fabulous food quests of your own in the meantime.

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Locro and Libertad at La Tranquerita

“I hate taxistas,” Ricardo said, running his hands through his long, grey hair, “They’re arrogant. They’re liars and cheats.” “And how long have you been driving a cab?” I asked him. “A year.” “And before that?” “I sold lingerie. But after I left that behind, I knew I couldn’t sit ...

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Behind the Door at 2901

Underworlds abound in Buenos Aires. In its milongas (tango clubs), in its shantytowns, in its discos, bars, and restaurants. This is a city that wears many masks, a place that houses secret rooms behind simple facades. Sometimes the city reveals its secrets to me: a signless bakery here, an underground ...

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Starbucks, Boca, Clásica y Moderna

I hop off the bus near the train station in Constitución, a southern Buenos Aires barrio that’s a dumb place to explore at night and a fantastic place to eat Paraguayan street food by day. But I’m not looking for lunch. In light of the fact that Starbucks is scheduled to open ...

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