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  1. …Nice…and how is your lif in Buenos Aires? Greeings from Italy and Argentina

  2. I have another hidden gem for you, pilgrim of the B.A tables looking for the holy casserole grial. after checking your last entries, im about to withraw my recomendation of El Nuevo Castells, i think now is more an option if you want to mingle with cabbies for a little dough. but im not so sure about the food. its your call.
    My new recomendation will be Miramar at San Juan ave. at the corner of Sarandi st.. check it.
    reading your adventures made me buy an used book a few weeks ago. its called "historias de taximetreros", i hated it, im thinking about giving it away to you for round up your taxi fetish.
    keep it up, keep it real and i´ll be in touch soon unveiling my scavegner hunt for the perfect bodegon.