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A Book of Buenos Aires Soul

I come from a family of butchers, bakers, great cooks and failed farmers. Food is the way I make sense of a place, the way I connect with its people, the way I tell their stories. Food is also the way that Gabriela Kogan, a Buenos Aires-based photographer and graphic ...

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La Vita è Bella

“I don’t eat lunch,” the taxista said, “I only eat fruit when I’m driving. I have to take care of myself, you know?” Take care of himself he did. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve assumed that the bald cabbie in the sky-blue sweater vest had just come from ...

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The Little Pizzeria That Could

When Martín the taxista dropped me off at Don Lechón during last week’s taxi adventure, he was kind enough to let me in on another secret: La Mezzetta. “Everyone is nuts about this pizzeria,” he said, “It’s not my favorite – I don’t like their dough. But you should probably ...

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Lunch with the Don

I was standing on the corner of Alvarez Thomas and Avenida Elcano, across the street from Don Lechón, the neighborhood restaurant in Colegiales where Martín the taxista had just dropped me off. I stared at the giant sign, crowned by a smiling pig wearing a red beret. Inside, the tables ...

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