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Taxistas vs. Urbanspoon

I admit it – I’m not a gadget person. So I don’t quite connect with all the buzz surrounding the release of the new iPhone, a contraption as appealing to a Luddite like me as blood sausage to a vegetarian. However, like any persistent seductress, iPhone tries its darndest to ...

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No Nonsense at Pablin’s

Every passenger I pick up Is a strange book I learn to decipher. People in their own heaven, in their own hell, With their desire to laugh or cry. – Rodolfo Taboada, Taxi Mío (Tango) To Ricardo, the taxista from Villa Devoto, my Australian co-adventurers and I were indeed strange ...

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To the Province…and Sweet Bliss

A long time ago, during a taxi adventure not so far away, a flirtatious evangelical pastor named Roque delivered me to La Americana. Though the corner pizzeria wasn’t exactly the “the queen of empanadas” that Roque promised, I was still impressed with La Americana’s fierce line-up of traditional desserts: bread ...

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Marcelo and the Emerald

I know within seconds of getting into Marcelo’s cab that I probably won’t end up at a spectacular restaurant. But I stay in the taxi anyway. Maybe it’s the fact that he was daydreaming when I knocked on the passenger side window. Maybe it’s the way he eases over to ...

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