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Alberto & the Crazy Crepe Guy

12:00pm: You are standing at the corner of San Juan and Boedo, one of the most famous intersections in Buenos Aires. Across the street, tourists snap pictures of the Esquina Homero Manzi, the now famous cafe where tango composer Homero Manzi wrote “Sur,” an ode to his adopted neighborhood on ...

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The Dark Side of the Adventure

Last week, a 21 year old English girl was raped and robbed by a taxi driver in the middle of the night. When the cabbie realized she didn’t speak Spanish and somehow intuited that she was carrying a large amount of cash, he drove to a deserted side street, threw ...

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Jorge & Don Zoilo

“I wish I could eat with you,” said Jorge the taxista, “But I really can’t. My wife would kill me.” “You’re right,” I agreed, “You can’t.” “Yep, it’s just too dangerous. I’m a handsome guy. My wife doesn’t let me go out alone. When I get fixed up, you better ...

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Taxi Tension

Thanks to a new city proposal to ease traffic congestion and cut down on rush hour chaos, cabbies and bus drivers are at war in Buenos Aires. Bus drivers favor the new measure, which would create dedicated right-hand lanes for buses and occupied taxis. However, the statute would require unoccupied ...

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Gnocchi on the Other Side of the River

Since the 1970s, Argentines – and their Uruguayan neighbors – have used the word ñoqui (“lump” in Italian) to describe public sector employees who only bother to show up for work at the end of the month to pick up their paychecks. To this day, in a mocking celebration of ...

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