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The End of the Neighborhood Restaurant

Ding-dong, the restaurante de barrio is dead. At least that’s what taxista Nicolás would have us believe.

After attempting to take my co-adventurer and I to no less than 10 guidebook-friendly restaurants (and insisting that we weren’t dressed conservatively enough to go to his favorite cabbie hangout), we finally surrendered and ended up at El Cuartito.

As one of Buenos Aires’ most famous pizza spots, El Cuartito is miles from the hidden gems that are the object of these taxi quests. That said, we still enjoyed our dinner.

Taking a seat next to walls plastered with soccer flags and photos of Diego Maradona, we dove straight into the strange and wonderful combination that is moscato (sweet, amber-colored wine), pizza y fainá (a thick tortilla made with chick pea flour and olive oil).

Like the people of Buenos Aires, the disparate flavors in this classic trio somehow came together and yielded something unexpectedly luscious.

Though virtually all of the city’s pizzerias offer it, there are few that can top the sweet-savory excess of El Cuartito’s moscato, pizza and fainá.

Some places are famous for a reason.

El Cuartito
Talcahuano 937 – Barrio Norte/Tribunales
Tel: 4816-1758/4331
Open: 7 days a week for lunch and dinner

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