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Choose Your Own Adventure

Ever had an amazing cab ride? Had an intense but fleeting encounter with a taxi driver you’ll never forget? Had a cabbie deliver you to a place you never could’ve found on your own? I’m hoping you have. And I’m convinced that the rebel band of readers who follow this ...

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Along for the Ride

If you read Washington Post reporter Joshua Partlow’s play-by-play of last week’s taxi adventure, you already know that the voyage to Tía Margarita had an unfortunate ending. Despite the crowd gathered on the sidewalk, the aroma of fried calamari that greeted us when we walked in, the sight of fresh ...

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The 24 Hour Steak House

Buenos Aires: cradle of tango, stronghold of soccer, metropolis of beef. If you’re trying to get a sense of how deep the local passion for meat runs, Lo de Charly might give you some clues. The grill is perpetually lit at this 24 hour steak house in Villa Urquiza, and ...

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El Español Redux

I don’t believe in coincidence. I do believe we get everything we ask for – whether we’re conscious of it or not. Which is why I’m not surprised that after a week of wondering about the pasta at El Español, taxista José granted my unspoken wish and delivered me there ...

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