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Choose Your Own Adventure

Ever had an amazing cab ride? Had an intense but fleeting encounter with a taxi driver you’ll never forget? Had a cabbie deliver you to a place you never could’ve found on your own?

I’m hoping you have. And I’m convinced that the rebel band of readers who follow this little blog would love to know about it – which is why I’m launching the First Annual Taxi Gourmet Story Contest.

Tell us about your greatest taxi adventure. Where were you? Where were you headed? Who was the driver? Where did you end up?

You have 600-800 words to chronicle all that was strange, lovely and/or meaningful on your cab ride.

If you win, I’ll post your story on ‘Go Where the Taxista Takes You.’ I’ll also send you ‘Buenos Aires for Food Pilgrims,’ my (happily researched) compilation of traditional restaurants, ‘ethnic’ enclaves, cafes, bakeries, and ice cream parlors that will lead you to treasures like Bolivian empanadas, dulce de leche cheesecake and struffoli.

Deadline: March 31, 2009
Where to steer submissions: lmosler at yahoo dot com.
Story format: Please paste your story directly into an email. If you’re not a scribe, I’ll also accept submissions in audio or visual format.
Note: If you discovered anything good to eat on your quest, that’s wonderful but not required.

Drawing Credit: Stephen Wiltshire, ‘Some yellow New York taxis at Park Avenue at night’

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