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Walter Rides Again

Six months ago, taxista Walter was shot four times while he was changing a flat tire in Wilde, in the southern suburbs of Buenos Aires. After forty days in the hospital, Walter dragged himself home, lay in bed, and waited for his wounds to heal. Friday night, for the first ...

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Follow the Cow

As part of their ongoing protest the against the government’s agricultural policies, Argentine farmers declared a seven day moratorium on the sale of beef and grains as of midnight Friday, March 20. In light of impending meat shortages, my co-adventurers and I were happy to follow the cow to one ...

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Diego’s Hangout

“Driving a taxi is the most stressful job I’ve ever had,” Diego said on a recent ride from Ezeiza airport. But after three years behind the wheel, the thirty-year-old cabbie with a rhinestone in his ear has developed some coping mechanisms. He’s traded psychotherapy for gardening. He plays soccer for ...

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Déjà David

The Anglo-Irish novelist Elizabeth Bowen says that “experience isn’t interesting until it begins to repeat itself – in fact, till it does that, it hardly is experience.” I tried to keep this idea in mind when Cacho, an ex-butcher who started driving a taxi after the Argentine economy crashed in ...

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