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I´ll be back next week with more Buenos Aires-based taxi adventures.

In the meantime, I cordially invite you to spit out doom and gloom and sink your teeth into a few delicious tidbits about ladies-only taxi initiatives around the world.

Remember the feminine revolution in Tehran taxis I mentioned back in December? It seems that the Pink Ladies of London may have inspired this as well as other girl-powered taxi services across the globe.

In 2007, mirroring the efforts of the Pink Ladies of London, femmes in Dubai instituted their own by women for women cab company. The initiative has proved so popular that families are now requesting inclusion in pink services – and the local Road and Transport Authority has obliged.

That same year, the Taxi Sisters of Senegal also went mobile, creating an alternative to the notoriously old, dirty, and dangerous taxis driven by most men in the capital city of Dakar.

“People have backward mentalities. They think women should stay at home and do the cooking. But I want to have money, and I don’t want to ask anyone else for it,” said one Taxi Sister.

Meanwhile, BANet – the latest pink taxi initiative which debuted several weeks ago in Beirut – is already a hit with Lebanese ladies.

“I liked the idea of a taxi for women,” said BANet Taxi Owner and Manager Nawal Yaghi, “I searched for women to drive taxis but it was hard to find, so I put a job vacancy ad in the newspaper and there was a positive response so I decided to continue as a specialized taxi company for ladies with women drivers.”

The idea has spread beyond the Middle East and Africa, as women-only cab companies have also emerged in the Netherlands and India. Moscow’s Pink Taxi was launched in August 2006 by Olga Fomina and two of her friends and was soon followed by Ladies Red Taxi.

Surprisingly, pink taxis have been slow to catch on in the USA, as freelance journalist Iulia Anghelescu explains in her excellent article, “U.S. Cabs Steer Clear of Push for Female Drivers.”

In light of all of these lady-friendly cab enterprises (and the lack thereof in my native land), it’s tempting to get behind the wheel. Who knows? One of these days I might be driving a cab of my own – and subjecting my passengers to some serious snacking.

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