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The Golden Gnocchi

Don Carlos with Taxi

Buenos Aires, 1955. An Italian immigrant named Luigi opens a nondescript cantina on the corner of Billinghurst and Valentín Gomez in Almagro. Musicians and singers – including tango-singing legend Roberto Goyeneche – begin to gather there. Soccer stars, poets and painters follow. Don Carlos flourishes, but Luigi grows tired of ...

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The Amazing Story of Santiago Gori

On April 22, 2009, Santiago Gori, a taxi driver from La Plata (a coastal city just south of Buenos Aires), showed the world that Argentines are just as capable as anyone of doing the right thing. After discovering a backpack with $32,500 in cash in his back seat, the taxista ...

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Post-Crisis Pizza

If the Judeo-Christian world divides history between the periods before and after the birth of Christ, I’d venture that many Argentine taxi drivers divide their lives between the time before and after the country’s 2001 economic crisis. Marcelo, the blue-eyed taxista with a Tasmanian Devil suction-cupped to his windshield, counts ...

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Cantina Gone Bust

From time to time, my pursuit of all food that’s taxi-related goes bust, as was the case on today’s failed mission to La Cantina de los Taxistas. For weeks, I’ve been fantasizing about paying a visit to this cabbie-friendly restaurant, hoping to taste some authentic Italo-Argentine food (they’re allegedly famous ...

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