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Cantina Gone Bust

From time to time, my pursuit of all food that’s taxi-related goes bust, as was the case on today’s failed mission to La Cantina de los Taxistas.

For weeks, I’ve been fantasizing about paying a visit to this cabbie-friendly restaurant, hoping to taste some authentic Italo-Argentine food (they’re allegedly famous for their cannelloni) and harvest some wisdom from the taxi drivers I assumed would be dining there.

No such luck. Starving and cranky after a long march through the Palermo Viejo neighborhood, I finally landed at the spot where La Cantina was supposed to be – and discovered telenovela billboards in its place.

La Cantina de los Taxistas is no more.

Driving home the point, a decaying taxi was parked right out front, as if mourning the defunct eatery.

Such is the nature of restaurant reconnaissance in Buenos Aires, especially in these economic times. One by one, restaurants are closing their doors. And taxi drivers – and those of us who would follow in their footsteps – have fewer and fewer places to find a simple, tasty, cheap meal.

Still, the food quests continue. Stay tuned for my next taxi adventure…

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