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The Amazing Story of Santiago Gori

On April 22, 2009, Santiago Gori, a taxi driver from La Plata (a coastal city just south of Buenos Aires), showed the world that Argentines are just as capable as anyone of doing the right thing.

After discovering a backpack with $32,500 in cash in his back seat, the taxista knew he had no choice.

Despite his half-built house, his partially paid off taxi license, his second job as a truck driver and his two kids, he knew the money wasn’t his. He had to give the cash back to the couple who’d left it behind.

Unbeknownst to Mr. Gori, they were two retirees who’d just sold their house. They’d left a slip of paper with their names written on it among the bills.

After searching through the telephone book, the taxi driver made a long series of calls before finally locating the owners of the money.

He immediately drove to the police station and returned the backpack with a sum of cash that could have changed his life.

“You’re a saint,” the female half of the couple told him.

Celebrating his clear conscience, the taxi driver left the police station, popped into an ice cream shop and picked up a kilo for his family, assuming that the story had come to its rightful end.

But as soon as people got wind of the Mr. Gori’s honorable act, the story caught fire in the local and international media.

“For Argentines used to corruption at all levels of society,” the BBC reported, “this was an extraordinary story.”

Determined to reward Mr. Gori for his honesty, two Argentine ad agency employees set up a website to collect donations for the taxi driver. So far, they’ve raised over $30,000.

“We have to recognize the good thing this man did,” they declared, “He deserves it.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Gori is “bemused” by all the attention. He only did what had to be done, he told the BBC.

But he did it when no one was looking.

To read the full BBC story, click here.

To donate to Santiago Gori’s reward fund, click here.

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