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Tasting the Biggest Apple

Tomorrow is my first taxi adventure in the Biggest Apple. Meanwhile, fear and excitement are dancing a fierce tango in my stomach, and it’s hard to tell which one is leading.

How will Taxi Gourmet translate in New York? Will the cabbies here be as cunning on the hunt for culinary treasure as the taxistas of Buenos Aires?

And if the hacks here do know something about delicious, will they be willing to open the plexiglass partition that separates driver and passenger and share their knowledge with me?

Today, I walked about 20 blocks from my apartment in Astoria and stumbled upon Afghan, Thai, Chinese, Cypriot, Colombian, Brazilian, and Ecuadorean restaurants, hot dog vendors, haute cuisine from India, bagel shops, kebab carts, Mexican grocery stores, produce stands peddling summer berries and tropical fruit, Italian bakeries and more Greek delis than I could count. And that’s just a slice of Queens. In a city with immigrants from over 200 countries, I know that there’s much, much more to taste.

Like a lover of literature who knows he’ll never read everything on his book list, I could spend the rest of my life eating in New York and die without exposing my palate to everything there is to consume. Here, flavor is infinite.

But here, there are also 13,000 cabbies who can show me the way to Gotham’s culinary riches. I’m placing my food fate in their hands (but I’m bringing pepper spray just in case).

Stay tuned to see where the movable feast begins…

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