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Two Strikes and a Haitian Feast

Today’s was a hard-fought food quest. After two failed attempts to persuade cabbies to guide us to their favorite spots to eat – taxi driver #1 flat-out refused to reveal his preferred restaurant in Queens, while hack #2 tried to take us to Carmine’s – we climbed into Leslie Destine’s ...

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Adventure in Brief: Nepalese That Tastes Like Home

Cabbie name: Nyima Tsering Age: 29 Home country: Nepal Nationality: Tibetan Currently resides: Elmhurst, Queens Years in New York: 10 Years driving a taxi: 5 What he misses about Nepal: Spending time outside Best thing to do in New York: Play basketball with friends Worst thing to do in New ...

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Reader Fare: Hot Fusion at Chinese Mirch

Ever since Taxi Gourmet reader Gluttonous Prime left this haunting comment: “…As for Indian-Chinese in Manhattan, there’s Chinese Mirch right across the street from Curry in a Hurry. It’s always packed, and the spicy crab mu shu is worth the wait,” I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that ...

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Diamond in the Bronx

“Do you want to go to the Bronx?” I’d hopped out of the cab on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. (a.k.a. Seventh Ave.) in Harlem, bounded over to La Marmite, discovered it was closed, and returned to report the bad news to Godfred. The taxi driver had spent the last ...

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Fire in Queens

The first thing I noticed when I opened the menu at Tangra Masala – the Indian-Chinese restaurant recommended by Mizanur, the star of last week’s taxi adventure – was the sea of chili pepper symbols. 108 chili pepper symbols. 108 hot and spicy dishes out of 159. (Yes, I counted ...

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