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Next Stop: The Bronx

Thanks to food guerrillas like Justin Fornal (alias Baron Ambrosia), people are starting to pay attention to the hunger-inducing array of culinary treasures in the Bronx.

According to the Baron, who showcases his passion for the food of his beloved borough on a fantastic show called Bronx Flavor, the Bronx is New York’s most sensuous precinct.

“Around every soulful corner,” he writes, “Untainted frontiers of opportunity await the adventurous epicure who doesn’t require a manual to dictate where they should dine.”

Sounds like a great place to kick off a taxi adventure. This Sunday, I’m going to start my food quest in the BoogieDown and see where I end up.

But first I’m going to scope out the goodies at the Ferragosto Festival in the Bronx’s Little Italy: zeppole, grilled sausage, suckling pig, Italian ice…I wonder if the Baron will grace us with his presence.

Stay tuned.

Photo by Michael Nagle/New York Times

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