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Pedicab on West 29th St.
Pedicab on West 29th St.

Into the Driver’s Seat: The Taxi Test

Pedicab on West 29th St.
Pedicab on West 29th St.

80 hours of taxi school, six hours of defensive driving instruction, one doctor visit, two trips to the DMV, one trek to the Social Security Administration and two visits to the Taxi & Limousine Commission, and it all comes down to today’s taxi test. (Unfortunately, my practice shift with Constance Barnes got snowed out.)

If I pass the exam, I’ll be a New Medallion Driver, and I’ll join the ranks of the 47,000+ yellow cabbies in New York City. If I fail, I may end up piloting what you see pictured here (which isn’t totally out of the question given my performance on yesterday’s practice test).

Pass or fail, I owe more than a thank you to Andrew, Jim, Abdoullah, Faouzi, Tabish, Tulip, Mika and everyone at the NYC Taxi & FHV Driver Institute who’s been helping me on this quest.

And no matter how things turn out, there will be food involved: I snagged a couple of intriguing restaurant recommendations from my taxi schoolmates that I’ll be investigating while I wait for my results on December 17. Stay tuned.

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  1. You would be surprised how far a 5 note…. slipped to the right person gets ya! ^_^

    At least that’s the advice my lawyer gave me.

  2. Ha! Brainy, I think a 5 note would only get me into a world of trouble. It’s good old fashioned pass that test that’s going to get me on the road…I hope :)

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