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Wanted: Hungry New Yorkers to Test Cabbie-Recommended Eats

2009 led me to some fantastic cabbie-approved spots in New York, but the year ended before I could try every restaurant my drivers recommended.

I’ll be inaugurating 2010’s adventures from the back seat when I get back to New York this weekend. But in the interest of leaving no meal uneaten, I want to make sure I get to some hack favorites that sound too good to pass up.

If you’re curious, hungry, and anywhere near the Biggest Apple, I’d like to invite you to help me sample the goods at these potentially delicious places:

  • No Pork (50 4th Avenue, Brooklyn): Cabbie Laskar Korshed told me that Tangra Masala was his favorite place to eat, but whenever he’s in Brooklyn, he can’t resist this Halal Chinese food.
  • Kabul Kabob House (4251 Main Street, Flushing, Queens): When Kamal Aftab visits this Central Asian kabab house, he always gets Qabeli Polo (kabob with rice, carrots and raisins), beef tikka and baklava for dessert.
  • Tandoor (9525 Queens Boulevard, Rego Park, Queens): Another Kamal Aftab favorite, where he claims that the chicken tikka masala and onion naan are especially good.
  • La Marmite (2269 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd./7th Ave., Harlem): Godfred Opuka‘s favorite West African restaurant in Manhattan, which was closed the day he tried to take me. He loves their jollof rice.

If you’re interested in breaking bread with me at one or more of these restaurants, contact me at layne at taxigourmet dot com.

We’ll fix a date, we’ll go dutch (I wish I could invite you as my guest, but at this stage I’m just an indie writer), we’ll eat in parties of up to four (to make it easier on the back of the house), we’ll devour everything we can, and we’ll decide whether the cabbies steered us right.

The holidays are over. It’s time to eat.

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  1. ooooooooo I want to be in NYC right now. Tandoor is the place I’d want to try at this moment. The folks who see and respond to your invitation are in for a treat, even if the cabbies didn’t steer you quite right. Eating with a real foodie is a special experience.

  2. Karen, I wish you could be here to help us feast…