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Cab #100, my ridiculous purse, and me (Wish I could say this was taken by a drunken passenger)

Training Day

Cab #100, my ridiculous purse, and me (Wish I could say this was taken by a drunken passenger)
Hack #5349156 in Cab #100 on E. Houston St.

If I had to search for 10 1/2 hours that were more hilarious, exhausting and vertigo-inducing than my first shift behind the wheel of New York yellow cab, I don’t think I could find them.

Even in a state of intoxication, my first passenger – a very kind, patient, good-humored banker called Iggy – noted that I “seemed a little confused.”

My second passenger – a similarly blissed out Englishman in New York – told me that my “navigation skills were fairly abysmal” and that he was sorry to see a writer reduced to driving a taxi: “I support the arts, and I really think you should be doing something else.”

The rest of the shift went a little more smoothly, aside from fare #13, whose foot I nearly plastered to the asphalt of Central Park West.

There’s more – and I’ll be back mid-week to tell you all about the adventures behind the wheel (and the musings they inspired).

In the meantime, stay tuned for a run-down of the Pow-wow of the Hungry New Yorkers at Tandoor, cabbie Kamal Aftab’s favorite spot for chicken tikka masala in Rego Park.

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  1. Haha, glad to see it was an exciting first day and that you got a cab! Here’s the restaurant I was talking about with the rosewater lemonade:


    I do like it’s food, it’s “healthy” (non-greasy) Middle Eastern food that doesn’t sacrifice the flavor. A $1-$2 more pricey than I would like it, according to portion size but still a great place to go.

    • Hey, Salem, thanks!! I’ve written this one down and will try it next time I’m in Midtown on one of my breaks.
      Cheers and happy eating,

  2. Terrific. I’m excited for you!

  3. hey chica,

    Welcome to Taxidom!!! Congrats! on your first day on the job. I bet you have funny stories. So do I. I remember my first passenger on my first day. Whew it was a mess. I picked up a gentleman on Houston and Ave Something. He said he just wanted to go to Something Street and Something Avenue. I didn’t have a clue and I looked on my map for the location. He was sooooo patient and when he saw me looking on my gynormous map for his location, he just said, drive 5 blocks ahead. ( I thought to myself, why did not he walk) Duh, I am cab driver, you are at work. I look back and laugh. And then I had another passenger. He told me his destination and just like they say in taxi school ask the passenger the best route. Ooooh, he got so mad, he said people don’t like cab drivers, walked out and slammed the car door. He needed a chill pill. But what a first day. But honey bunch, BE ENCOURAGED AND DO YOUR THING ON THE STREETS. HIS PEACE

  4. Connie, you crack me up (as usual). Thank you so much for your words and your wisdom. I’ll carry them with me every time I go behind the wheel.
    Un abrazo,