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Listen to the Adventure: Mustapha in His Own Words

Last week, during the adventure with cabbie Mustapha K. to Floridita in Harlem, I was lucky enough to have radio producer Katie Macpherson along for the ride. Thanks to Katie's magic microphone, we were able to record my conversation with the quintilingual cabbie from Morocco. Listen and be entertained...

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From the Driver’s Seat: Welcome to New York!

Central Park South at 3:30pm on Wednesday. An unwise crosstown route.

Anyone who drives a cab in New York City has to have a trace of masochism coursing through his veins. I understood this intellectually as I went through taxi school. Yesterday, the understanding crashed into my core, and I drew a few conclusions. There was bad tofu and good espresso involved...

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Morocco Leads to Cuba in Harlem

floridita interior

I don't pretend to be objective when I go on a taxi adventure: I know I’m biased in favor of cabbies and that I start out trusting their culinary judgment. But sometimes a conversation with a taxi driver reveals assumptions I didn't know I had. I love it when this happens...

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A Pastrami Break and an Adventure Postponed

2nd ave ext

Today's taxi adventure has been pushed back due to snow, wind and slush. In the meantime, I wanted to share the gastronomic highlight of a weekend behind the wheel of a yellow cab: the pastrami sandwich at 2nd Ave Deli.

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An Eating Map for New York Taxi Drivers

After three weeks of hacking in New York, I understand what might drive a cabbie to eat at McDonald's: it's fast, it's cheap, there’s a bathroom, and there’s parking nearby. But I'd like to think there are places that fit this description that aren’t McDonald's. Enter my new food map for New York cabbies.

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Turkish Delight, Further Afield

bay ridge apps

Back in January, after Huseyin Kanal led my co-adventurer and me to Adana kebab at Uskudar and extraordinary baklava at Gulluoglu, we knew we had to try the cabbie’s favorite spot for chicken gyro in New York. When he agreed to meet us there, we were even more inspired to check it out...

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Into the Driver’s Seat: Hunger Leads to Lahore

Lahore Deli, hidden under the scaffolding on Crosby St.

Between getting totally turned around in Greenwich Village, getting reamed by a worker bee who wanted me to step on it as we climbed 6th Avenue, and having a woman call me “sir” for the duration of our journey from Union Square to Soho, Saturday was a hard time to be behind the wheel...

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