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Eavesdrop on the Adventure

Ever wonder how exactly a taxi adventure plays out?

Thanks to co-adventurer Katie M., we were able to record some snippets of a conversation with a cabbie during a ride from Chelsea to Murray Hill last Thursday.

Here’s why many cabbies resort to fast food while they’re on duty:


And here’s the taxi driver’s description of his favorite place to find the flavors of his home country in New York:

At one point, I asked him what his favorite thing about New York was. His answer might surprise you:

The journey ended at Curry in a Hurry, the restaurant where my very first taxi adventure in New York led me about 8 months ago.

We took advantage of the opportunity to sample some new dishes, including their amazing chicken jalfrezi (with chili peppers, tomatoes and plenty of garlic).

Naan bread was as soft and chewy as I remembered and palak paneer (chopped spinach with cheese) just as rich and satisfying (especially with a squeeze of lime and a drizzle of yogurt from the chutney bar).

Stay tuned for more Taxi Gourmet audio…

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  1. I’m so glad to have found you. Your site is creative and offers a wealth of info to those of us who thrive on food and travel. Congratulation on the bloggies nomination!

    • Many thanks, Andrea! I love your recent write-ups on quinoa (one of my favorite foods, too). Your Cardamom Quinoa Breakfast Porridge recipe sounds amazing…