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When Dessert Kicks (Bangladeshi-Chinese) Dinner to the Curb

Potato-battered shrimp and zucchini with sweet chili dipping sauce, an off-menu appetizer.

As we made our way from Manhattan to Queens, the cabbie began reminiscing about the Chinese food in Bangladesh: "It's different. It's not fast food there." And he told us about a place in New York that makes Bangladeshi-Chinese "75% close to the way we cook [it] back home."

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From the Driver’s Seat: Bella’s Trip to Chinatown

It was far and away the most hellish drive of the shift. It began in the post-circus crowd that was pouring out of Madison Square Garden and culminated in an impossible bottleneck at the Holland Tunnel entrance. I'll never know if my passengers made it to the dim sum I wanted them to try...

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Choice Eats for Cabbies: Post Script

Cachapa from Patacon Pisao in Queens.

50-something restaurants, four boroughs, a sell-out crowd of very hungry New Yorkers, food bloggers and those who love them converged at Monday's Choice Eats extravaganza on Lexington Ave. I went with a very specific mission: to find the very best cabbie-friendly dishes on the Bacchanalian buffet.

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Cuchifritos Forever!

cuchifritos ext

Lemie, a supposedly shy cabbie who's been driving for seven years, opens up about his first fare (who tried to pay him with two cans of Folger's coffee) and the Puerto Rican restaurant he's been going to since he was in the womb.

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NY Cabbie-Recommended Restaurants: More Spots Worth Tasting

Even when I cross the Brooklyn Bridge by mistake, bump into the NYPD or get lost at the airport, my next meal is usually on my mind. Slowly but cheaply, I'm eating my way through NYC while I'm on duty, and I've found a few more places that deserve a spot on the map.

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Choice Eats for Cabbies

Next Monday, March 22, the Village Voice's food critics are gathering more than 60 New York restaurants for their third annual Choice Eats tasting event. I'm going with a specific mission: to scope out the best cabbie-friendly foods from among Robert Sietsema and Sarah DiGregorio's favorite eateries in the five boroughs.

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How to Avoid Getting Cheated in a NYC Taxi

scam post front page

On Friday, The New York Times exposed a massive scam among New York cabbies, who've been flipping their meters and overcharging passengers on an alarmingly regular basis. What can you do to make sure you're not getting gouged? What can cabbies do to renew the city's faith in us?

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Tagine Dream, Halal Burger Reality

tangawi ext

Cabbie Mohammed's favorite spot for tagine turned out to be less restaurant, more sandwich counter and all men. Every one of them glanced at me with a look that suggested I was in the wrong place before shifting their attention back to plates of halal burgers and fries...

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