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Amman Dispatch: Beyond Words, Sereen Paradise

Photo by Ryan Bird

Besides being accomplished cooks and photographers, Ryan Bird and Christine Fannon are two travelers who aren't afraid to venture off the radar. The couple met in Taiwan, traveled to South America in 2006 and have been on the road ever since. These days, they're in Jordan, where they tried a taxi adventure in Amman.

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From the Driver’s Seat: Rushed Grandmas and Dogmatic Sausage

dogmatic path

I never suspected that the two little old Italian ladies I picked up last week could raise my blood pressure more than a banker headed for Wall Street. After dropping off the nonne, I turned on my off-duty light, sifted through food recommendations from my passengers and ended up face to face with lamb sausage.

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San Francisco Dispatch: Tu Lan in the Tenderloin

Born into a food-loving southern California family, Sangeetha Raghunathan is a legal eagle by day and a passionate eater at all times. The fact that she's a lifelong vegetarian didn't stop her from embarking on a taxi adventure in San Francisco. Here's how her first West Coast food quest played out.

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Abbreviations and Bangladeshi Food

When I met fellow food pilgrim Kira Lerner in Times Square to kick off a taxi adventure last week, I ended up face to face with underwhelming Bangladeshi food - and a cabbie who abbreviates his name in the midst of the post-9/11 fear that still permeates New York.

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Berlin or Bust (Or, my book for the price of a NY burrito)

When that first Buenos Aires taxi adventure started with Enrique and ended so serendipitously at Parrilla Peña, I realized two things: 1. The adventures had only just begun, and 2. Eventually, I was going to write a book about these food quests. Three years later, I'm ready to get started.

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Haitian Ambiance on the Brooklyn Border

A family gathers to celebrate a christening at Ambiance.

When we spotted the beautifully dressed families outside Ambiance Caribbean Restaurant on Avenue L on Saturday evening, my co-adventurers and I had two thoughts: 1. We were headed to the right place. 2. We hoped that the right place had six seats for us.

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Coming up this week…

Stay tuned for the initial report on the quest to find a great Argentine empanada in NYC, along with a run-down of the pilgrimage to Canarsie for Haitian food and my impressions from today's "Out from Behind the Wheel" taxi driver summit at the Greene Space.

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Soup Dumplings and a Reminder of Haiti

soup dumplings 2

At $5.75 for eight, the soup dumplings at Grand Sichuan are worth a stop, especially since there's a taxi stand close by (on 28th St. between 9th and 10th). I wasn't far from that taxi stand when I hailed Gardy, who showed nothing but Haitian hospitality as we made our way to Union Square...

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