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Photo by Ryan Bird: http://atasteoftheworld.wordpress.com/
Photo by Ryan Bird: http://atasteoftheworld.wordpress.com/

A Preview and a Challenge

Photo by Ryan Bird: atasteoftheworld.wordpress.com

This week on the Taxi Gourmet blog, I’ll tell you about a six year old passenger with purple fingernails who lives for soup dumplings – and who was cool enough to let me in on where they make her favorite ones in Manhattan.

I’ll also share a few Easter stories from the driver’s seat, spectacular gelato included.

On Wednesday I’m returning to the roots of this blog, getting in a random cab and asking the driver to take me to his favorite place to eat. I’ll let you know where I end up – and tell you all about the driver who delivers me there.

Lastly, I’d like to issue a plea to anyone who has intimate knowledge of the New York empanada scene.

According to Daniel, the Argentine who works at my taxicab garage who led me to wonderful steak at El Gauchito, it’s impossible to find a good empanada in New York City. I would really, really like to prove him wrong.

If you know where I can find a great Argentine-style empanada – baked not fried, preferably stuffed with beef, with a good filling to dough ratio – post your recommendation in the comments section.

If I think your chosen empanada is enough to make Daniel eat his words, I’ll give you a prize. To see what it is, check out the Taxi Gourmet Facebook page (you can even become a fan if you’re so inclined).

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  1. I can’t wait… for the dumpling soup tip, for the cab adventure, but specially for the empanada saga!! :) Have a wonderful week, my dear, without tickets!!

  2. Buenos Aires 6th St. bw A & B

    Also, not Argentine but really delicious Chilean empanadas are found at Barros Luco 52nd & 2nd

    • I’ve walked past Buenos Aires and been curious about it – now I have reason to go in. I might try those Chilean empanadas while I’m on duty. I think there’s a taxi stand near there…Thanks, Craig.

  3. Hi. I have posted some recommendations but for full disclosure I haven’t tried them….partly due to food restrictions. I didn’t post Rubens empanadas because I figure you have heard of them…they have several locations in the city.

    My best friend came down to the city yesterday….and I was craving gelato but we didn’t run into any place that looked great. Can’t wait for your recommendation.

    Argentina Bakery
    1611 Bergenline Ave., Union City, New Jersey
    Closed Monday

    La Esquina Criolla
    94-67 Corona Ave., Elmhurst, Queens

    Bogota Latin Bistro
    141 Fifth Ave., Park Slope, Brooklyn
    Closed Tuesday

  4. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ones at esquina criolla. I want to try el gauchito for an empanada (but after your review, I will try other things). There was a coffee shop in woodside which had my fav empanadas ever, but unfortunately they closed. too bad. I haven’t had one that would compare with it since.

    • This is funny! I saw that Serious Eats piece and retweeted it – VERY interesting. And you’re the second person who’s recommended Barros Luco, so I’ll try those, too.