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My favorite shot from my last shift.
My favorite shot from my last shift.

Up Next

May 18, 2010, Park Avenue, 9:48am

Did the Great Argentine Empanada Crawl (Queens version) lead to the golden empanada?

Who will win the Passenger of the Month Award? (Hint: It’s probably the hysterical bride I picked up at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, who forced me to drive on the pedestrian only walkway through Central Park (“I have a permit!”), urged me to mow down everyone in our path, and prompted 2 sets of negotiations with the NYPD.)

Finally, where do you eat that’s not McDonald’s when you’re having an exceptionally slow taxi driving day and you don’t think you’re going to cover your daily lease fees at the garage?

The answers to these questions are coming up in the next few posts.

Stay tuned – and send me an email if you’re interested in coming along on a (back seat) taxi adventure next week. I’m looking for one or two fearless foragers.

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