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Up Next: A Kunefe Duel, Great Sausage and more Berlin Video

“My English is not so good,” Ergan said when I opened the door to his cab.

“Your English is better than my German,” I said.

The taxi driver laughed. We were on our way.

During our ride from Friedrichshain to Kreuzberg, Ergan told me about what he had to do to get his taxi license in Berlin (with a 2-part test and a thousand streets, it sounds a little harder than in New York), revealed that he also loves the Turkish food at Hasir Restaurant (maybe it’s not a tourist trap after all?) and let me in on his favorite place in the city for kofte (veal sausage) and kunefe. Is it even better than Hasir’s heavenly version of my new favorite dessert?

Stay tuned for the answer to this question plus some fun video of the adventure that I’m trying to figure out how to edit.

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  1. I just read your interview on Serious Eats, very cool. Your picture reminded me of a flower child/hippie…not that there is anything wrong with that. ;)

    And your article reminded me that I need to read up on Eric Wolf and Joseph Campbell(although he isn’t an anthropologist in the strict sense but no doubt his work overlapped that field)…meaning to do that for quite some time.

    Have a good one.

    • A flower child?! That’s a new one. The expression on my face from the baklava does look a little drug-induced, so I can see where you’re coming from.
      Joseph Campbell was considered a mythologist – he’s always inspired me and informed this project.