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Up Next: Emerging from a Sausage Coma

Bratwurst and sauerkraut.

Four days of blutwurst, fleischwurst, rindswurst, weisswurst, leberwurst, bratwurst, musical cheese, apple wine, potato salad, apple strudel and a beer festival in Frankfurt/Offenbach got me thinking that sounds (HWAAAA! HUUUUH!) would be more useful than adjectives to describe German food.

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Berlin Dispatch: An Urban Cowboy and His Fish Soup

roland close

I have an Argentine writer friend who once made a brilliant observation about the cabbies of Buenos Aires being the new gauchos. After riding from Brandenburg Gate to Wilmersdorf in Roland's cab, I realized that the new gauchos are not confined to Buenos Aires.

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Outside In: New York from Berlin

berlin ny

One of my favorite things to do when I’m traveling in a new city is read guidebooks about the city I'm living in. Thanks to my Berlin landlord's Fodor's NY guide, I learned: "Taxi drivers are notorious for (a) knowing nothing about NY geography, (b) not speaking English (c) having an improvisational driving style."

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