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NYC Dispatch: Tasting Colombian in Queens

mario exterior

Here's what happens when you get to chatting with fellow drivers at the taxi garage before your shift starts: you end up at a Colombian restaurant in Jackson Heights face to face with a plate of pork belly.

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Top 10 Cabbie-Recommended Dishes & Drinks in Berlin

Kuzu Pirzola (lamb chops) cooked to perfection.

Until recently, Berlin was a city where people actually avoided eating out. But eating habits are changing as fast as everything else in the German capital, and restaurants in Berlin are growing more vast and varied every day. This list is a snapshot of some of what's exciting to eat there right now.

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NY Dispatch: Unfinished Symphonies and Spinach Cartwheels

john mike's due ext

I wasn't surprised when the cabbie told me he was a New Yorker "born and bred." He had that no-nonsense, don't-waste-my-time New Yorker way about him - but that didn't stop him from telling me he's also classical pianist with two unfinished symphonies and a passion for oysters.

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Buenos Aires Flashback: It Started with Steak

parrilla pena guia oleo

Three years, four months and sixteen days ago, I went on my very first taxi adventure in Buenos Aires. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't gotten into the cab that Enrique was driving and ended up at Parrilla Peña. Oh, that steak...

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Berlin Dispatch: 9 Questions for a Night Driver, plus Köfte

Photo courtesy Getty Images

Last week, as a grand finale to the Berlin adventures, I convinced one of my new taxi driving friends to let me ride along on his night shift. Besides letting me crash his taxi, the cabbie was gracious enough to answer questions from Taxi Gourmet readers - and tell me about his favorite restaurant.

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