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A Year in Rear View

new york taxi rear view

No, I'm not going to write another top 10 list. But this was too rich a year not to dish out some highlights. So in the name of taking stock and in the spirit of microblogging, here are 2010's funniest, tastiest, scariest, most humiliating and most enlightening moments from taxicabs on two continents.

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New York Dispatch: From Hacking to Endless Buffet

larosh buffet with alam

I've lost track of how many random taxis I've gotten into over the past three going on four years, but every time every time I start wondering if cabbies really are the best source of restaurant recommendations, I meet drivers like Alam, who lead me to places I'd have a hard time finding myself.

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New York Dispatch: Christmas Rage & Roti w/a side of Limo

door oxtails

New York is pissed off about Christmas. I don't care how beautiful the snowflake on 57th St. is, how ornate the 5th Avenue window displays are or how many lights bejewel every street from Park Avenue to Queens Blvd. - my passengers are angrier than I've ever seen them.

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