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Istanbul in Berlin: 5 (Great) Cabbie-Recommended Eateries

Disclaimer: What you are about to read is an example of shameless self-promotion. However, if you love to eat, and you love to explore new places through food, it may be worth your while.

A summer of getting into random taxis in Berlin and asking drivers about their favorite places to eat led to what I think are 5 of the best Turkish restaurants in the German capital.

I’ve written about all of these cabbie-recommended spots on this blog, and when my friends visit me in Berlin, I like to take them to all five places and stuff them with Turkish delights, giving them what I call my ‘Istanbul in Berlin’ tour.

Now, thanks to a fancy new app called Rama Food, anyone with an iPhone can take the ‘Istanbul in Berlin’ tour.

Besides showing you where and what to eat, the tour also gives a brief history of the Turkish community in Berlin, shows you how to order each dish in German, and introduces you to the glories of regional Turkish cuisine. (Don’t worry – there’s doener kebab, too.)

And if you’re not in Berlin? Rama Food has enlisted food-obsessed bloggers in 22 cities around the world to share their favorite things to eat. Trust me when I tell you I’d follow their recommendations as enthusiastically as a cab driver’s.

If you’d like to try out my Istanbul in Berlin tour, it’s free to download until May 1.


Want to learn more about Rama Food and the Rama App? Click here

Want to check out ‘Istanbul in Berlin’ and other Rama Food tours on iTunes? Click here

Interested in writing a Rama Food tour – and showing off the best things to eat in your city? Email me

(Note & Full Disclosure: The Rama app is free to download, and so are the Istanbul in Berlin and the Dubai Ethnic Snack tours. Other Rama Food tours costs between 99 cents and $2.99 – and are worth every penny. I should know…I edited them!)

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