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Photo by Rumen Milkow
Photo by Rumen Milkow

When in Rome…Eat like a Taxi Driver?

Photo by Rumen Milkow

Taxi drivers in Rome have a terrible reputation for being cheats, liars and maniacal drivers. So what happened when I asked them about their favorite places to eat?

Read the full story about the taxi adventures in Rome in The Guardian, including photos by TaxiBerlin.

Pizza with zucchini flowers at Remo in Rome. Photo by Rumen Milkow

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  1. Eeeeeee! Emile just made me pizza with zucchini flowers last night!!! I know…if I weren’t more humble and grateful, I’d be a total spoiled brat.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I’ll remember never to trust a Roman taxi driver. I’m sure he’ll find a good place to eat though.

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