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ABC News Takes a Ride with Taxi Gourmet

ABC News Reporter Lauren Glassberg takes a ride in my cab, and I show her some of my favorite things to eat on and off duty in New York City.

Here are links to maps and write-ups about all of the places we stopped:

Kalustyan’s – The mujadarra (lentils with caramelized onions, bulgur wheat and tahini) pita sandwich from the upstairs deli at this generations-old spice shop is $5 of perfection. If you have time, pick up some of their loose-leaf hibiscus tea (great for detoxing).

El Aguila – When I tried the tamal oaxaqueño here, I let go of the idea that you can’t find good Mexican food in New York City.

Cuchifritos – Puerto Ricans come from near and far to feast on the fried goodies at the Spanish Harlem institution. One taste of their alcapurria (yucca flour fritter with beef) and rice and beans will show you why.

Papaye – I found this Ghanaian restaurant thanks to cabbie Godfred Opuka, who lives in the neighborhood and swears by their jollof rice and grilled tilapia. Mountains of good West African food for very little money. And the place is spotless.

Güllüoglu Baklava & Cafe – If there’s better baklava in New York City, I don’t know where to find it. Sour cherry, walnut and pistachio cream are my favorites here, but it’s all good. Due to popular demand, they’ve opened two shops: one in midtown Manhattan on 52nd St. and 2nd Ave and another at 1985 Coney Island Ave. in Brooklyn.

Want to check out more New York taxi driver food tips? Here’s a list of my 15 favorite cabbie-recommended dishes.


  1. Loved the WABC TV piece…..Lauren Glassberg really “got it” — congrats! BTW, you were so right about the stuffed chicken at Cherry Hill market. The rice was good, too, but a tad reminiscent of boxed Near East pilaf. The selection of prepared dishes is amazing there…..the stroganoff is next on my list. You know, Cherry Hill is just a few short blocks away from Cafe Glechik…the Vereneki is excellent! Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying Berlin….be well!

    • Thanks, Allan! I’m glad you got to see the segment. And the chicken. I’m horrified to hear about the rice, though. I didn’t actually try that but did try the kasha with caramelized mushrooms (yum). Once it cools down outside, give Cherry Hill’s soups a go (although I think their borscht tastes great cold, too). And thanks for the vereneki tip – very good to know.
      PS – Berlin is wonderful so far. Sudanese falafel, 4 euro Thai curry and all.

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