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Food of the Poets, Courtesy of Kamal

Qabeli Polo. Photo by Annie Wang

It's no surprise that Persia and Afghanistan nurtured some of the greatest poets the world has ever read. If you were exposed to ingredients like rose water, angelica powder and barberries on a regular basis, you might also be moved to pen some verse...

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Amy’s Cab Fare

Amy at Teahouse

In the process of unearthing tales of “life, death, and 3am revelations” in her new book, Taxi Confidential, Amy Braunshweiger has also tapped into many a cabbie’s favorite place to eat. Here, she chronicles a recent foray to Pakistan Teahouse, a hack haven where the food is as tasty as it is cheap...

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Reality Drives

Waiting in line for a fare at the Marriott

So far, the realities of hacking are blowing my food fantasies to bits. After a week of driving, there's still too much vertigo in my stomach to make room for hunger. When I do stop to eat, it's wherever I can find parking and a bathroom...

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Curry and Convergence at No Pork

Photo by Annie Wang: http://www.flickr.com/photos/j0annie/

I really wanted the food at No Pork - cabbie Laskar Korshed's favorite spot for halal Chinese in Brooklyn - to knock it out of the park. Not only because I dragged four hungry New Yorkers there to try the taxi driver's recommended restaurant, but also because the halal-kosher menu draws an unlikely mix of customers...

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Vote for Your Favorite Blogs by 1/31

Taxi Gourmet is a finalist in the 2010 Bloggies! If you dig this blog, visit  2010.bloggies.com & vote under ‘Best Latin American blog.’ The Bloggies are the equivalent of the oscars on the internet, and 17 food blogs (including Serious Eats, Smitten Kitchen and Chocolate and Zucchini) are among the ...

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Three Hungry New Yorkers Take on Tandoor

tandoor exterior

Saturday afternoon, fearless foragers Salem P. and Jenny M. met me at Tandoor, where we were looking forward to tasting the chicken tikka masala and onion naan that Kamal Aftab always gets when he goes - and to seeing whether the cabbie's recommended restaurant was actually worth a food pilgrimage...

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Training Day in Pictures

Team Systems Taxi Fleet, from the 39th St. subway

After spending an hour on the subway with the creatures of the night, I finally made it to the Team Systems garage in Long Island City, where the evening drivers were ending their adventures as the day hacks began theirs. I could hear the dispatcher shouting out the names of ...

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Training Day

Cab #100, my ridiculous purse, and me (Wish I could say this was taken by a drunken passenger)

If I had to search for 10 1/2 hours that were more hilarious, exhausting and vertigo-inducing than my first shift behind the wheel of New York yellow cab, I don't think I could find them...

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Into the Driver’s Seat: On the Eve of the First Shift


I'm trekking over to Team Systems Taxi Fleet at 4.30am tomorrow with two goals in mind: 1) To watch the sun rise in New York City from behind the wheel of a yellow cab 2) To prevent my passengers, my cab, and myself from running into any serious calamities...

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Into the Driver’s Seat…at Team Systems Taxi Fleet

team systems

Baby, you can drive my car. That's what I was hoping the owner of the taxi garage on Bergen St. was going to tell me this morning when I bounced over there on Huseyin Kanal's recommendation. The cabbie assured me that it was a good garage, that it was clean, that the owners were cool...

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