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Layne Mosler

New York Dispatch: Tasting Rafiq’s Lamb

This is where Rafiq worked when he first arrived in New York from Afghanistan, before he started driving a yellow cab.

Balkh Shish Kebab House is where Rafiq worked during his first six months in New York, after emigrating from Afghanistan, before he started driving a cab. He says it's the best Afghan restaurant in New York City...

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Berlin Dispatch: Something’s Missing at Onkel Ho

Photo courtesy Onkel Ho.

I knew nothing about the Vietnamese diaspora in Germany before I came to Berlin, much less about its impact on the city's food scene. It was thanks to Rumen and Yüko -- two taxi drivers with a soft spot for chilies and peanut sauce -- that I learned about this delicious phenomenon...

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Berlin Dispatch: Fishing Under the S-Bahn

Balkçi Ergun. Photo by autofiktion.com

Dirk Waldeck is a man of a dying breed practicing a dying art in a city that's in the process of selling its soul. In the meantime, he likes to eat fish at Balkçi Ergun, a seafood restaurant in Moabit that feels closer to Istanbul than Berlin.

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