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Berlin Food Adventures

Berlin Dispatch: Food Sweep #2

Sirene: Bulgarian feta cheese.

Some people might think I'm a little over-optimistic about finding good food in this town, but I believe there are fine, fine things to eat in the 10-Euros-or-less range. The longer I'm in Berlin, the more I think this is true. Here are five cheap finds from the last few weeks of restaurant reconnaissance.

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Berlin Dispatch: First Food Sweep


An informal food survey of the cabbies at the Helsingforser Strasse taxi stand in Berlin (Friedrichshain) in my (still) horrible German led to a solid round of things to eat. After following their leads from East to West, here's a round-up of what I tasted during my first few weeks in the German capital. An auspicious culinary overture, don't you think?

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New York en route to Berlin Dispatch

After a year and a half in New York City, I know there are too many interesting cab rides, too many great meals, too many only-in-New York flavors to leave the taxi adventures here behind.

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A Year in Rear View

new york taxi rear view

No, I'm not going to write another top 10 list. But this was too rich a year not to dish out some highlights. So in the name of taking stock and in the spirit of microblogging, here are 2010's funniest, tastiest, scariest, most humiliating and most enlightening moments from taxicabs on two continents.

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Top 10 Cabbie-Recommended Dishes & Drinks in Berlin

Kuzu Pirzola (lamb chops) cooked to perfection.

Until recently, Berlin was a city where people actually avoided eating out. But eating habits are changing as fast as everything else in the German capital, and restaurants in Berlin are growing more vast and varied every day. This list is a snapshot of some of what's exciting to eat there right now.

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