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Berlin Food Adventures

Berlin Dispatch: 9 Questions for a Night Driver, plus Köfte

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Last week, as a grand finale to the Berlin adventures, I convinced one of my new taxi driving friends to let me ride along on his night shift. Besides letting me crash his taxi, the cabbie was gracious enough to answer questions from Taxi Gourmet readers - and tell me about his favorite restaurant.

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Berlin Dispatch: A Taxi Driver’s Food & Drink Map

Foul (fava beans) and falafel with peanut sauce from Biladi Sudanesiche Spezialitaeten in Friedrichshain.

Three months of taxi adventures in Berlin led to more deliciousness than I could have imagined before I landed in the German capital. This map shows every restaurant I found during my Berlin taxi adventures that I think is worth going back to, plus my own taxi driver-inspired food finds.

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Berlin Dispatch: Blue Tango, China Snack

China Snack's menu: the delivery fee is still in Deutsche marks.

Steve has probably never listened to tango music - and he's probably never traveled to Buenos Aires. But the Berlin cab driver wears his melancholy on his sleeve as well as any Buenos Aires tanguero.

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Berlin Dispatch: Rejection and Lamb Chops

The grill master at Adana Grill Haus.

It was the worst start of a taxi adventure so far in Berlin. I'd gone down the entire line of cabs waiting at the taxi stand in front of the Adlon Hotel near Brandenburg Gate. No driver wanted any part in my food quest.

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Berlin Dispatch: A Painter’s Peanut Chicken

Yuko: painter, traveler, fishetarian, cook and part-time Berlin cabbie who winters in Brazil and loves Asian food.

When Yüko put on his black bowler hat, turned on the meter and headed west over the Oberbaum Brücke into Kreuzberg, I wasn't totally sure where he was taking me, but I knew we'd figure it out. And I had a feeling he might be the keeper of an interesting story...

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Buenos Aires in Berlin (sans empanadas)

thomas in cab from outside

He was reading a Ken Follett novel when I poked my head through the passenger's side window. When I asked him about his favorite restaurant, he said he never ate out. But for some reason, we sensed this wasn't entirely true. “Well, there is a steak house I like..."

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