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Buenos Aires Food Adventures

The Little Pigs

I scanned the menu and suppressed my alarm. Twelve laminated, leather-bound pages sang the praises of dishes that spanned the globe and defied the season: Asian stir fry, homemade pasta prepared forty ways, caprese salad, Moroccan-style chicken in curry cream, and salmon crepes with pink sauce to match. Los Chanchitos ...

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When I’m flying blind in a new place (i.e. in the absence of research, guidebooks, or personal recommendations), I like to coast on the illusion that my instincts will guide me to a great place to eat. Some of the cues are obvious. Crowded at peak hours is good. Crowded ...

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Four Questions and Fujisan

“Where are you from?” “What are you doing in Buenos Aires?” “Do you have family here?” “Are you single?” If I start talking to any taxi driver in Buenos Aires, I’ll bet my tango shoes that these Four Questions will come up – in that exact order. This afternoon, I ...

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La Aguada

“Some of us have to work for a living.” The taxi driver didn’t actually say it, but I could read the words in his eyes. “I’m a taxi driver,” he said, “I don’t have a favorite restaurant because I eat every meal at home.” He bent over, removed a binder ...

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Parrilla Peña

“I have sort of a strange request,” I said, sliding over the ripped backseat of the four-door Fiat, “Can you take me to your favorite restaurant?” The taxi driver stopped in the middle of the street – oblivious to the honking cars that swerved around us – and turned to ...

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