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Kebob and Sour Cherries at Ravagh Persian Grill

Ravagh Persian Grill in Murray Hill – one of two Persian restaurants that Eli Parviz recommended after we got lost during our quest for his favorite Colombian food – is more elegant than most of the places where I wind up on the taxi adventures. When I walked into the ...

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A Colombian Illusion and Two Persian Leads

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the course of these food quests, it’s that in the moment I climb into a taxi, I have no clue what the back story of the person in the front seat might be. The idea that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover ...

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Adventure in Brief: Return to Haandi

When I asked Kadri Sayed what his favorite thing about New York was, he slapped the steering wheel and unleashed his words with enthusiasm: “This is a multicultural city. Everyone says I’m American. It’s beautiful. We love New York. You have different people from different backgrounds, and we can live ...

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Adventure in Brief: Mr. Chaudary’s Greasy Spoon

Cabbie name: Ilyas Chaudary Where he comes from: Gujrat, Pakistan Currently resides: Brooklyn Years in New York: 22 Years driving a taxi: 10 Pre-yellow taxi vocations: Gypsy cab driver, cook at a Greek restaurant What he misses about Pakistan: Everything. In 2 years, he’ll retire from cab driving, go back ...

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Reader Fare: Hot Fusion at Chinese Mirch

Ever since Taxi Gourmet reader Gluttonous Prime left this haunting comment: “…As for Indian-Chinese in Manhattan, there’s Chinese Mirch right across the street from Curry in a Hurry. It’s always packed, and the spicy crab mu shu is worth the wait,” I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that ...

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Curry in a Hurry

To a seasoned New Yorker, the fact that I ended up at ‘Curry Hill’ on my first Big Apple taxi adventure is about as surprising as finishing a food quest at a steak house in Buenos Aires. Still, I was thrilled when a Bangladeshi cabbie named Mizanur dropped me off ...

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