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San Francisco Food Adventures

San Francisco Dispatch: Tu Lan in the Tenderloin

Born into a food-loving southern California family, Sangeetha Raghunathan is a legal eagle by day and a passionate eater at all times. The fact that she's a lifelong vegetarian didn't stop her from embarking on a taxi adventure in San Francisco. Here's how her first West Coast food quest played out.

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A San Francisco Treat

Home for the holidays and eager to test the food-savvy of San Francisco’s cab drivers, I dragged some friends out for a taxi adventure last week. Following a twenty minute search for a free taxi, we jumped in a cab with a Chinese driver named Edward, who was confused at ...

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To the Oasis with Khalid

SAN FRANCISCO – As in any major metropolis, the dining scene in the city by the Bay changes faster than George Bush can make a grammatical error. Two years out of that gastronomic loop, I am home for the holidays, hungry without a clue as to where to eat lunch. ...

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