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Tasting the Biggest Apple

Tomorrow is my first taxi adventure in the Biggest Apple. Meanwhile, fear and excitement are dancing a fierce tango in my stomach, and it’s hard to tell which one is leading. How will Taxi Gourmet translate in New York? Will the cabbies here be as cunning on the hunt for ...

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Cantina Gone Bust

From time to time, my pursuit of all food that’s taxi-related goes bust, as was the case on today’s failed mission to La Cantina de los Taxistas. For weeks, I’ve been fantasizing about paying a visit to this cabbie-friendly restaurant, hoping to taste some authentic Italo-Argentine food (they’re allegedly famous ...

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Girl Power in Tehran Taxis

Although I have yet to meet a female cab driver on my Buenos Aires food quests, I still hold out hope that it will happen someday. In the meantime, a group of 700 ladies in Tehran have taken the bull by the horns and started their own taxi service by ...

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Taxiing to the Light

Often when I tell people about these taxi quests, they’re surprised that I would surrender my food fate to a stranger. “Isn’t that a little dangerous? Don’t you ever worry about being driven in circles? Or robbed? Or worse?” Nope. After taxi adventures in three countries and counting, cabbies continue ...

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Taxistas vs. Urbanspoon

I admit it – I’m not a gadget person. So I don’t quite connect with all the buzz surrounding the release of the new iPhone, a contraption as appealing to a Luddite like me as blood sausage to a vegetarian. However, like any persistent seductress, iPhone tries its darndest to ...

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The Adventure Goes Tango

In the tango world, you only step off the dance floor in the middle of a song set under the gravest of circumstances. Unless you’ve twisted your ankle, you’ve suddenly fallen ill, or the place is on fire, the so-called practice of “interrupting the tanda [song set]” is generally frowned ...

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