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Eating & Drinking in Istanbul: 3 Taxi Driver Tips

Taxis on the Galata Bridge in Istanbul. Photo by TaxiBerlin

Istanbul was the climax of September's great adventure in the Balkans with the coolest cab driver in Berlin. Hungry and determined to eat well on the cheap, we went without a guidebook and found three places to eat and drink that I would recommend to anyone traveling to, or even living in, Istanbul.

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Scenes from a Balkan Taxi (& Food) Adventure

peppers in bulgaria

Took what was maybe the greatest taxi adventure of all this fall, with the coolest cab driver in Berlin. Here's some of what we ate & saw over 10 countries and 6,663 kilometers from Berlin to Istanbul and back.

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Off Duty

memorable doors

Thanks for stopping by Taxi Gourmet. The matriarch of my family passed away, and I’m in California this week. Stay tuned for more cab adventures and more food after November 8.

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Up Next: Emerging from a Sausage Coma

Bratwurst and sauerkraut.

Four days of blutwurst, fleischwurst, rindswurst, weisswurst, leberwurst, bratwurst, musical cheese, apple wine, potato salad, apple strudel and a beer festival in Frankfurt/Offenbach got me thinking that sounds (HWAAAA! HUUUUH!) would be more useful than adjectives to describe German food.

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Outside In: New York from Berlin

berlin ny

One of my favorite things to do when I’m traveling in a new city is read guidebooks about the city I'm living in. Thanks to my Berlin landlord's Fodor's NY guide, I learned: "Taxi drivers are notorious for (a) knowing nothing about NY geography, (b) not speaking English (c) having an improvisational driving style."

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Up Next

bridge black cab

I'm getting ready to say goodbye to New York for the summer (and hallo to a series of taxi adventures in Berlin). This means it's high time to refresh my list of Gotham's best cabbie-recommended dishes - and add a few finds from the driver's seat.

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