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Photo by Amy Cao
Photo by Amy Cao


Photo by Amy Cao

Do you have a tip about a cabbie-friendly restaurant? Do you have a story about a taxi ride you’d like to share?

Feel free to email me at layne(at)taxigourmet(dot)com.





  1. Hi,
    My name is Paula and I come from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I live in Canada.
    There’s not much I miss from my country, only some food.
    But most of the things, I can do myself (I cook a lot).
    However, the thing I miss the most (because it’s so good I can’t seem to cook it), is eating at “La casona del griego”. Their fried empanadas are THE BEST.
    Don’t expect something fancy, the waitress is one of the cooks and there are just some tables, but they’re always filled with people.
    Consider this a tip from a taxista, as it was my father who take me there, and as he drove a cab for more than 20 years =)
    It used to be more of a taxistas place, now there are a lot of students, too.

    LA CASONA DEL GRIEGO, Espinosa 79, 4431-0984.

    I really like your blog =)
    Can you recommend me a good pasta place at Buenos Aires?

    Thanks and have a great day!

    • Paula, thanks a lot for the tip and for reading my blog! I’m fairly fanatical about empanadas, so next time I’m in Buenos Aires, I’ll give La Casona a try. For pasta, there are 2 places I like: one is Spiagge di Napoli in Boedo (they have good sorrentinos) and the other is Pippo in Tribunales on Montevideo (I like the vermicelli with pesto and bolognese). Let me know what you think of these places if you try them – both are taxista-recommended :)

  2. What’s your next city? Do London!!

    love your blog btw.

    • Ooh, London cabbies are legend. I would *love* to bring it to London!!! The question is when. In the meantime, if you know of anyone who might be interested in being a Taxi Gourmet correspondent in London, please let me know…

  3. Charles Duchemin

    you need to check out mustafas gemüsedöner at mehringdamm. by far the best döner in town. i like your blog and i would love to read your opinion about his kebap. ask some people everyoney knows it and some might say they don’t like the hype. but each döner is still made withe passion. i love it.

  4. Hi Layne! What’s your policy on photos? I wanted to use one of yours in my blog-post about your experiment :) Full credits, of course, and a link directly to this site. Is that okay?

    • Hi Mila – It’s really kind of you to ask about using my photo. Go right ahead! And thank you for the shout-out.
      Best wishes and happy eating,

  5. Layne, you are totally wonderful. Thank you for helping me document and showing the world just how truly great taxi driving can be, in addition to the wonderful city of New York. NYC is a great city, great architecture, urban planning, great infrastructure, great pizza, empanadas, jerk chicken, bagels, coffee and more.

    I wish you the BEST and i hope to see you soon.

    • Thanks, Nelson! You’re quite wonderful yourself – I hope you’re having great adventures behind the wheel…and off-duty, too.
      All the best from Berlin,

  6. Bunos dias
    Me gusto mucho DRIVING CRAZY-Your publisher has sent me an ARC and I’ll be reviewing at paris-expat.com in July

    I’ll be i BERLIN in late August for a few days-Love to catch up for a pastrami sandwich


    • Buenos dias, Terrance. I wish the book were called ‘Driving Crazy’ ;-).
      It would be a pleasure to meet up in August over any kind of sandwich.
      Thank you for reading and for being in touch.

  7. Hello, I just discovered your blog and Its opened me up to latent beauty in taxi driving, in having a city as your own domain and how great of a resource a driver can be. Too often I feel they’re overlooked as the under represented experts of a destination. You’ve documented a fascinating city, undergoing a stark transition from a divided city into a global innovative hub. Do you plan on staying in Berlin or moving onto another burgeoning place like somewhere in south east Asia? Is Berlin a family friendly that you would feel comfortable raising your kids there if you’re planning to do so? I’m interested in visiting and/or staying in the city in the future and maybe getting into a start up company.
    Cheers, Alex

  8. Dear Layne:
    Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed “Driving Hungry”. Though I’m in my 70’s, I travel a lot. Visited BA twice (once enroute to Antarctica), lived in New York after college and haven’t been back since (boo hoo!), and was in Berlin this summer, so all cities were of interest. The ending was a bit overwrought, Rumer-wise, but I read that you married in 2014 and live in Berlin, so all that angst turned out good, girl. Any “little gourmets” running around? Oh, I forgot, Rumer is the little gourmet, so, any “wee” gourmets?

    • Dear Fiona,
      Thank you for your note and for reading my book. I’m sorry you thought the ending overwrought…no, no wee ones running around.
      Best wishes and happy travels to you!

  9. Hello Layne!

    I just started reading your book (I frequently put books in queue at the local library based on recommendations and someone somewhere recommended Driving Hungry but I don’t remember who/what!) and love it! I’m only to the part where you arrive in Berlin and after reading your blog and knowing a little more backstory I can’t wait to keep reading. I have also done a fair amount of traveling, though I’m kind of sidelined now with a beautiful daughter, and wish I had been brave enough to do what you did/doing. Thank you for being inspirational. :)

    • Dear Becky,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m very happy you’re enjoying the book so far. Congratulations on your baby girl- motherhood is a brave journey if there ever was one.
      Best wishes and thanks again for your note,


  10. 10/17/15; Just finished reading your book. My big question was – what happened with Rumer and now I see you did get married . Congrats !!!!!!! (I lived 30 years in NYC- always loved it . ) You are living a unique life – good for you !!!!!! Very best to you and Rumor. Jane.

  11. Hello,
    My name is Nicole Aronis, and I am writing on behalf of the Sourcerer. As a company, we review and assess literary materials for adaptation to film and television, and we review both manuscripts and published novels. I am writing to request a review copy of the book ‘Driving Hungry’ so we can read it before we suggest it to our clients. We do prefer a digital galley for our reviews, but will certainly be happy to receive a physical ARC or review copy if that is what is best for you. We’d love to hear back from you as soon as possible, but certainly understand you schedule must be quite full, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

    Thank you so much for your time, and if I’ve in fact reached out to the wrong person, would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction, such as to your literary agent or publicist.

    Nicole Aronis

    100 Wilshire Boulevard #940
    Santa Monica, CA 90401

    • Good afternoon,
      I am just checking back in with you for our request for a review copy of ‘Driving Hungry’. Please see the below request for further information, and please reach out if you have any questions. Thanks!

      Nicole Aronis

      100 Wilshire Boulevard #940
      Santa Monica, CA 90401

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