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Last year, Nobu Adilman, a television producer and host, found himself in Buenos Aires for ten days. While researching the trip, he came across the Taxi Gourmet website and immediately contacted me.

One fateful night Nobu and I embarked on a spontaneous taxi adventure. From cab to restaurant, we bonded over a shared passion for adventure and the finer points of creating a perfect empanada.

After I relocated to New York City in June 2009, Nobu and I joined forces to explore the idea of a Taxi Gourmet television series.

A few months later, Nobu, who’s the star of Food Jammers on the Canadian Food Network and is based in Toronto, came down to New York so we could venture out on a series of cabbie-guided food quests around the city. This video is a fast-moving collage of our adventures.

Besides feasting on tasty curries at Punjabi Deli & Grocery, kosher Uzbeki deliciousness in the Diamond District, and the Dosa Man’s fine crepes, we crossed paths with a few amazing cab drivers along the way.

Want to see more Taxi Gourmet video? Stay tuned. We hope to be coming to a TV screen near you at some point in the not too distant future.

Nobu Adilman (Director/Producer)
Layne Mosler (Producer)
Eric Lin (Cameraman)
Richard Rotter (Editor)
Marc Bachli and Fini Films (Video Post-Production)
Grant Edmonds and The Dark Studio (Audio Post-Production)
Shawn LaPaix (Graphics)
Nathalie Rodriguez (Production assistant)
Lilian Moreira (Location manager)

Special thanks:
Iris Javed (Supercabbie)
Andrew Vollo (Yogacabbie)
Michael Dick (Banker turned cabbie)


  1. I’d watch every episode if more episodes were produced, online or on television. A unique idea; and a great way to be introduced to food from all over. I’m getting hungry already.

  2. Hey, thanks, Michael! I hope we can make it happen.

  3. Neat concept. Nice freewheeling verite shooting/editing doc style. Good chemistry between co-hosts . This will work.

  4. Where is Dosa Man?

    • He’s at Washington Square Park and Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village Mon-Sat from 12pm – 4pm (or thereabouts). All of his dosas are wonderful.

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