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Cab Shot: Holiday in New York

Wherever you are, I wish you a beautiful holiday and lots of happy eating. I'll be back in January with more taxi adventures - from the front and the back seat. Meanwhile, stay tuned for a compilation of the most memorable rides of 2009.

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Cab Shot: Mexico City Vocho

There are definitely risks involved in running around Mexico City in a green taxi. But if you're a savvy traveler, you can still manage to catch a safe ride in these VW bugs. Here are some tips, courtesy of long-time Mexico City resident Chancho Volador...

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Cab Shot: Rickshaws in Dhaka

Dhaka, Bangladesh is known as the rickshaw capital of the world.

Rickshaw drivers in Dhaka - where Laskar Korshed, the star of this week's taxi adventure, was born - are regarded as the lowest form of life on the roads. But they're known for their artwork, which includes everything from celebrity portraits to the brightly colored silks you see in this photo.

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Cab Shot: Bicycle Taxis in Nicaragua

Every week, Taxi Gourmet features a cab shot from a different part of the world. This week's photo comes from Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll, who captured this fun picture of two bicycle cabbies in Rivas, Nicaragua.

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