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Where Everybody Knows Your Name (in Punjabi)

The $6 vegetarian lunch platter. No chilis necessary (for me).

One of the many mysteries I've wondered about since I started driving a cab is why so many cabbies hang out near the taxi stand on 9th Ave/20th St. Starting around 10am, almost every car on the block is a hack's. Today, thanks to a tip from Salem P., I tasted the reason...

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Soup Dumplings and a Reminder of Haiti

soup dumplings 2

At $5.75 for eight, the soup dumplings at Grand Sichuan are worth a stop, especially since there's a taxi stand close by (on 28th St. between 9th and 10th). I wasn't far from that taxi stand when I hailed Gardy, who showed nothing but Haitian hospitality as we made our way to Union Square...

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