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From the Driver’s Seat: Bits of Light

light taxista bryant park

This weekend marks six months since I started driving a yellow cab in New York City. I may still be a rookie, but I know one thing: I never would have survived any of my shifts without at least one instance of light.

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From the Driver’s Seat: Hysterical Bride, Repeated Pita

Wilfredo repairing my busted brake light. Thanks to him, I now know to check the Daily News on Fridays to get updates on weekend street closures.

I wasn't sure why the cop started flashing his lights at me when I turned left onto 72nd St. from Park Avenue, but I decided to let the hyperventilating bride-to-be in the passenger seat ("We're getting PULLED over?!") do the talking when he sauntered up to my window.

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From the Driver’s Seat: Lady Power & Korean Fast Food

Taxis waiting for passengers at the Port Authority bus terminal. My cab's at the front of the line.

It may have only lasted 20 seconds, but the rendezvous with the lady taxi driver on E.16th St and Union Square West on Sunday was enough to make me feel as if I actually belonged among the ranks of New York cabbies. We were both stuck in the traffic jam ...

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