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Reality Drives

Waiting in line for a fare at the Marriott

So far, the realities of hacking are blowing my food fantasies to bits. After a week of driving, there's still too much vertigo in my stomach to make room for hunger. When I do stop to eat, it's wherever I can find parking and a bathroom...

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Training Day in Pictures

Team Systems Taxi Fleet, from the 39th St. subway

After spending an hour on the subway with the creatures of the night, I finally made it to the Team Systems garage in Long Island City, where the evening drivers were ending their adventures as the day hacks began theirs. I could hear the dispatcher shouting out the names of ...

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Training Day

Cab #100, my ridiculous purse, and me (Wish I could say this was taken by a drunken passenger)

If I had to search for 10 1/2 hours that were more hilarious, exhausting and vertigo-inducing than my first shift behind the wheel of New York yellow cab, I don't think I could find them...

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Into the Driver’s Seat: On the Eve of the First Shift


I'm trekking over to Team Systems Taxi Fleet at 4.30am tomorrow with two goals in mind: 1) To watch the sun rise in New York City from behind the wheel of a yellow cab 2) To prevent my passengers, my cab, and myself from running into any serious calamities...

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