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Berlin Dispatch: When Pide Leads to Döner, Part II


Something remarkable happened on the way to the movies a few weeks ago: Rumen and I hopped in a cab with a driver named Aziz – who used to make his living selling pieces of the Berlin Wall, and who’s been driving a taxi for 16 years — on Frankfurter ...

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Berlin Dispatch: Osman’s Two Turkish Tips


A burly, broad-shouldered man with a mop of black-brown curls who might be in his early 50s, Osman maneuvers his taxi with a light touch, like a piano player who enjoys an easy relationship with the keys. The expression on his face is not the expression you would expect of ...

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Berlin Dispatch: Rejection and Lamb Chops

The grill master at Adana Grill Haus.

It was the worst start of a taxi adventure so far in Berlin. I'd gone down the entire line of cabs waiting at the taxi stand in front of the Adlon Hotel near Brandenburg Gate. No driver wanted any part in my food quest.

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Berlin Dispatch: A Painter’s Peanut Chicken

Yuko: painter, traveler, fishetarian, cook and part-time Berlin cabbie who winters in Brazil and loves Asian food.

When Yüko put on his black bowler hat, turned on the meter and headed west over the Oberbaum Brücke into Kreuzberg, I wasn't totally sure where he was taking me, but I knew we'd figure it out. And I had a feeling he might be the keeper of an interesting story...

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We have many favorite restaurants in Berlin (Video)

The kofte peaks out from underneath the vegetables.

No matter how many taxi adventures I've done, I still get the same jitters as when I did it the first time. Here's some video of the lead-up, the approach, and my initial negotiations with Ergan, the driver of my latest adventure who's been a Berlin cabbie for seven years.

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Berlin Dispatch: Döner Dreams and Kunefe Reality

doner taxi

When one of my new German friends told me that he has a friend who’s spent the past year searching for the best döner kebab in Berlin, I had an idea: why not invite the kebab seeker on a taxi adventure and ask the cabbie to take us to *his* favorite spot for döner?

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